Cateva schimbari pe Google Maps

Cateva schimbari pe Google Maps

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USA: Google Maps has switched from Tele Atlas map data to Google’s own database for the US. It’s only a year ago that Google gave NAVTEQ the boot and signed a five-year global agreement with Tele Atlas instead.

Tele Atlas confirmed that Google will continue to use Tele Atlas data for the rest of the world, but declined to comment on how the switch affects the existing agreement that also gave Tele Atlas access to Google Maps user input, including in the US.

An industry source suggests that Google has also signed an agreement with Automotive Navigation Data (AND) to use its street-level map data for a number of countries in Western Europe. Google did originally use AND’s map data for Africa, but it is unclear whether that deal fell through when the Tele Atlas agreement became effective.

However, Google is gradually expanding its own database all over the world, with its Street View vehicles mapping roads in the US, Canada, Australia & New Zealand, the UK, France, Italy, Ireland, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg, the Czech Republic, Romania, Finland, Sweden, the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Taiwan and South Africa. Street View vehicles have also been spotted in Norway and Japan.


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